Speaking Lessons

Learning English Speaking online

Do you want to improve your English speaking skills? Let’s do it with our Free English speaking lessons. Every day we post a free lesson helping you learn and practice your English speaking skill.
Our English speaking lessons focus on common daily topics with simple words used in spoken English context. You will watch the videos and practice your English speaking skills.

Common English Speaking topics

Learning about different ways of saying hello in English.

Personal Information
Learning to ask for and give personal details;
Talking about your family and friends

People and Friends
Learning to describing people; personality and appearance.

Likes and dislikes
Talking about things you like and don’t like.

Daily routines
Talking about activities you do everyday, your habits

Free time Activities
Talking about things you do for fun.

School and Education
Talking about your school, and educational background

Things you did in the past
Talk about what you did in the past, your past habits.

Work Experience
Where you work or worked.
Your job and your experience at work.

Travels and places
Talking about travelling experiences

Food and Health
What you like eating, healthy eating, food for good health.

Medicine and healthcare
expressing your health problems to doctors

Above are just some of the common topics, you will find more when we have real lessons.

Let’s get started learning English speaking now.